Louise de Weger | Visual artist

Based in Brisbane as a visual artist, Louise de Weger has experienced everything there is within the creative industries. This Australian artist has studied Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft at the Southbank Institute of Technology within Queensland. Louise has also accepted numerous awards for her geometric paintings and also has been the winner of the St George Bank Contemporary Art Competition. Her handmade contemporary art has been featured on Reno Rumble in 2015 and The Block in 2016. 

The Australian Artist has created these gorgeous geometric paintings inspired by the minimalist movement. Louise de Weger aims to create handmade artwork without the need for social comments or other references.  The objects within her artwork are of the basis that people can see the basic appearance and appreciate its pure aestheticism. As a visual artist, Louise has the ability to piece together sharp geometric edges with bright vibrant pops of colour inspired by Japanese paper folds within origami. This stemmed from her love of childhood butterfly paintings and the use of maths measurements which create symmetry and sophistication within her life.

Louise's handmade geometric paintings are available for all the passionate art lovers worldwide. Her artwork is available for areas within Australia including although not limited to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. We do deliver worldwide to areas including although not limited to New York, Canada, Hungary, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Singapore.